A downloadable game for Windows

Explore a unique and twisted world, complete dungeons and gain new abilities.

The world of Alteria is being consumed by a plague known as Blight and it's slowly destroying this land that is home to all manner of weird and wonderful creatures. It's latest victim was your late wife and you'll do anything to bring her back.

  • Original Graphics
  • Unique, twisted and dark world
  • Dungeons and ability upgrades
  • Satisfying combat

XBOX Controller and Keyboard Compatible

V0.1 Demo

NOTE: Game ends when the screen fades out to white. Didn't have time to configure this correctly. Made for the Pixel Game Maker MV development challenge. 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Singleplayer, Steampunk

Install instructions

1) Unzip

2) Run player.exe


Mortimer_Dark_V01.zip 61 MB


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your work is so good

want to make something like this and I stick with rpgm for a long time try to make action game in it

but look at you game me want to try pgmv

wish that you make some tutorial video but I know make game is already full hand and if someone go make video they hardly to finish their game...

one thing that lack of understanding is jumping and dashing in the air

I'm not metroidvania player so I need to watch some one play through 

to notice that I can use air dash...and sword jump...

I think 3 health bar is a bit tight but then again... 

I know it for a challenge

just that I'm not good on jump around dodge bullet

I more of beat them up game 

so the flower boss is super painful for me

all in all this is a well passionate making game

good luck

Hi :)

Thanks for checking out my game and glad you enjoyed it! I don't make tutorials BUT my friend does you can find is youtube channel here baz he goes over the basics really well.

As for your feedback, I'm working on new scenes that'll make all the abilities you have clearer and how and when to use them. I'm adjusting it so you start with 4HP and I'm working on making the flower boss better too.

Again, thanks for playing. Also, it takes a little time but you can definitely do good stuff with pgmmv, way better than you can with rpgmv in terms of action games.

good game. but I took the first elevator up to the city and died there.
got respawned at the cave checkpoint, no issue I though.
well until I got to the elevator shaft which has no elevator (still sitting on the floor above).

well guess I'm stuck here. cause I thought something might happen, I jumped down the shaft.
well, now I'm stuck down there, so I exited the game :-/

Yep, jsut made it to the victoria station upper floor, same issue as above.
but upon checking out previous areas, it's obvious that the game isnt too finish yet anyways (cave, right hand path doesnt lead anywhere).
so I'll leave it at that and maye come back in a few weeks :-)


Thank you  for your feedback! I didn't know about that bug with the elevators, I'll fix it for the next version. for sure And yes you're right, it's still very early stages and there isn't a lot of content and made for a game jam. I'm actively working on it tho, thanks again for giving it a try!

no problem, really liking what I see so far :-)

just somehow make sure that when respawning, the elevator is on the same floor as where you respawned or soemthing, so you cant get stuck on a lower floor while the elevator is up there and unreachable :-)


Yeah I've fixed it today in the version I'm working on now, thanks again for playing and the feedback :)

Really liked the visual style, great work in the challenge. Bring on that boss fight! :)


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this brief demo. Your video was great, really helpful thank you. It's obvious that there are some things to work on from watching it

Glad you like it, and that it's helpful. :) Keep up the great work! 

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I noticed that you didn't try the upwards slash on enemies :( you can hit them in the air and then perform a combo, I'll need to make this more clear in coming versions :D

Ah, I mostly used that to jump higher. :)

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Great job!  I love this game.  One of my favorites for the contest.

Thanks, it's not where I wanted it to be but hey, it's up at least