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story looks interesting, battle system is pretty engaging and challenging. keep up the good work!

Thanks Vinedrius! We appreciate you taking the time to play, we've got lots more in store :D

Really enjoyed this game and the fight scene style brought back so many memories of playing the Megaman NT Warrior series. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this game! I know the devs already saw it (glad you guys enjoyed it), but for everyone else, hope you enjoy the video! 

Thanks again Cyberwolf, really appreciate the video and feedback :)

the pagedown key is embarassing for laptop, maybe add a key bidding feature or change to another key?

Hi Lscander,

If you go into the Options Menu and find the Keyboard Config option, you can make a different key act like the PageDown key. Hopefully this should solve your issue :D

i love it and i want more, its amazing and i like the battle mechanics. I do think theres a lot you could add to the game and if you'd like id be happy to share my ideas (although you may have already thought of them yourself). oh and also you should make a discord server for your game.

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We're happy you enjoyed the game so much and are left wanting more, that means a lot to us! We definitely have a lot of ideas of what we can add to the game to make it better and fully flesh it out :) but we'd be more than happy for you to share your ideas, feedback is always welcome on how we can improve and make the game more feature rich :D

We don't have a plan to make a discord server just yet but we'll definitely look into it in the future!

This reminds me quite a bit of CrossCode <3

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Thank you! CrossCode is a great game, we can only hope to produce something that awesome :D